Business First | Anne's 10k for Megan smashes target

Anne's 10k for Megan smashes target

13 Mar 2017 –– Charity
Anne's 10k for Megan smashes target

A Business First tenant put her best foot forward to support a cause close to the heart of our Ribble Court centre manager. Anne Malone, who works at our Ribble Court centre, completed the Manchester Heaton Park 10k race yesterday to raise money for the Anaphylaxis Campaign, after hearing the story of 15-year-old Megan Lee.

In memory of Megan

Megan, a pupil at St Christopher's School in Accrington, was the niece of the centre manager. Tragically, she lost her life on New Year's Day this year after experiencing a severe allergic reaction. When she heard about Megan, Anne decided to do something to help. She signed up to take on her first ever 10k at Heaton Park, north Manchester. As a mum to teenagers, Anne said the story struck a chord with her. With that in mind, she set out to raise money to help prevent the same thing happening to someone else.


Anne began her challenge by setting a fundraising target of £450. Incredibly, she is on track to receive more than double. An online sponsorship page has already reached £390. Meanwhile, offline contributions take the running total to £1215.50. All money raised will go to the Anaphylaxis Campaign. The race is the first in a series of fundraising initiatives the centre manager will organise in memory of Megan. In fact, she has already been overwhelmed by the support shown by friends, family and the Business First community. She said: "Anne was amazing, I went to support her. I already have £775.50 in sponsor money just from the tenants here at Ribble Court- everyone has been so supportive." Anne crossed the finish line in just over 1 hour and 9 minutes.

About The Anaphylaxis Campaign

The Anaphylaxis Campaign is the only UK charity focusing on people at risk from severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, which can be fatal. Currently, there is no treatment or cure for anaphylaxis. Those at risk have two options - managing their condition and carrying adrenaline around with them, in case of an attack.

What is anaphylaxis?

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction which affects several body systems at once, like the airways, heart, circulation, gut and skin. After coming into contact with trigger foods or substances, symptoms tend to start and escalate quickly - within minutes or even seconds. Common causes are foods like peanuts, eggs, shellfish and sesame seeds. Others include wasp or bee stings, latex and drugs like aspirin or penicillin.

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Alternatively, you can give sponsor money directly to Anne Malone or our centre manager, both of whom work from our Ribble Court Business First centre, on Shuttleworth Mead in Padiham.