Business First | 5 Common Mistakes You Make When Choosing An Office

5 Common Mistakes You Make When Choosing An Office

02 May 2022 –– Tips & Advice

We've looked at the most common mistakes businesses make when choosing office space and how to avoid them.

Whether you're getting an office space for the first time or relocating, choosing the right office can significantly impact your business. It's essential to find the one suited to your type of business that will positively affect your employees and visitors. 

Not defining requirements

The first common mistake is businesses not defining what they want from a new or first office and not considering many important factors when making this big decision. Clarifying both existing and needed prerequisites means you get the best understanding of how the current office benefits your business and employees and what is missing that needs to be considered in the new workplace. Consider what you need to achieve in your office, how you can utilise desk space, which departments need to be close together, any services or amenities you need, kitchen and break areas, and location and budget constraints. See our office relocation checklist of all things to consider before moving.

Underestimating the complexities

Many people underestimate the time and complexity involved when finding new business premises. It can be a formidable challenge if you're unsure of what you want from your workspace. Serviced offices are an easy option for anyone looking for a professional space with most of the usual complications such as furnishings and utilities covered; all you have to do is move in! The obvious benefits include having a staffed reception during business hours, 24/7 access, access to meeting rooms, kitchen and break areas, and pre-installed services and equipment.

Not considering a flexible lease

Over the past two years, businesses have had to learn very quickly to adapt to sudden changes, and that flexibility is a necessary asset to have. A flexible office lease is a good idea if you're a start-up or small company, as it gives you the option to have an 'agile office' set-up. You won't be tied into any long-term contracts and can efficiently expand or downsize your space. Thinking about what could affect your business in the future is essential when choosing the right type of office space.

Not considering all possible options

There are many different workspace and office options available nowadays, with something to suit every type of business. Small businesses and start-ups can benefit significantly from coworking spaces and serviced office suites that have the flexibility to be expanded or downsized. In contrast, corporate companies tend to opt for larger areas or will rent out whole office floors. If you're a freelancer, then hot desks might be the best option.

Prioritising cost over the location

One of the biggest mistakes when choosing an office is prioritising cost over location. There are many benefits to choosing a well-located workspace. It can help attract and retain high-quality employees, make your space accessible and easily commutable for staff, clients, and visitors, and bring you potential local marketing benefits. Although cost is important, it's essential to find the right balance of value for money; are you getting an all-inclusive package? Are there any on-site benefits? And not just find the cheapest office without considering its location and impact on other significant factors.

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