Business First | 5 Reasons Why Your Office Space Is Still Important

5 Reasons Why Your Office Space Is Still Important

24 Mar 2022 –– Tips & Advice

We've looked at five reasons why the workplace is more important than ever

Although the pandemic has accelerated the trend for home working, with many people questioning the need for a traditional office setup, working from home has revealed its limitations for many businesses. For those companies who rely on face-to-face interaction and collaboration with their clients and employees, having an office space is a vital anchor to their business and day-to-day operations. 

Flexible office space

A modern, flexible office with lots of services can accelerate the need for people wanting to head back to the office. Businesses now understand that providing a premium office space and bringing home-comforts and employee benefits is necessary. People are less likely to settle for sub-optimal conditions or situations in a working office when they can get better advantages from home. At Business First, our premises feature many on-site benefits in our flexible leases to provide you with high-end workspace options.

Become a destination with purpose

Even though offices situated in a suburban or out of town area are likely to be more in favour, city-centre locations may struggle as people have gotten used to not commuting or having to endure public transport during rush hour. Make the office a destination with purpose and consider space, hygiene, social interaction, and giving your employees things they can't get at home, such as better equipment and high-spec technology. Eliminate any barriers or experiences that can make offices unpopular such as inadequate lighting, uncomfortable furniture, and cramped desks.

Invite and retain talent

Finding the right candidate can be tricky. With the introduction of virtual interviews, it can be difficult for both employers and interviewees to decide if they are the right fit for the job. People want to see how you work, and having an office lets potential employees get to know the team and see how the business runs. Improving your space can help invite and retain a high-quality calibre of people.

Offer enough space

Although social distancing is no longer a 'must', giving your employees the space and having an area to work with a sensible density can help make your workforce more 'Covid-proof'. A combination of unassigned desks and a packed workspace can put employees off coming back to the office. Our modern offices allow you to find a comfortable, state-of-the-art workspace that is right for your business.

Encourage social collaboration

The office already has a lot to offer that remote working can't compare to as not everyone has the space or facilities at home to work productively. One of the significant advantages of working on-site is social interaction. For most businesses, it is essential for staff to have quick and easy communication between teams, and maximising social interactions within the workforce can invite more collaboration, ideas, and productiveness. Having a socially-positive work environment can provide increased productivity and also help to boost morale and wellbeing.

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