Business First | 6 Ways To Improve Mental Health In The Office

6 Ways To Improve Mental Health In The Office

11 May 2022 –– Tips & Advice

Mental health awareness in work environments is more important than ever. We've looked at 6 ways you can help improve your health and well-being while working in an office.

From the 9th-15th of May in the UK, it is Mental Health Awareness Week. A national week to help raise awareness of the importance of mental well-being and specific topics surrounding it. This year the theme is 'loneliness'; after two years of uncertainty, lockdowns and isolating, it seems fitting to talk about the impacts of loneliness in a post-pandemic world.

Be sociable and collaborate

One of the main perks of working in an office is being around your co-workers. Socialising and collaborating on work projects can help boost employee morale and stave off loneliness. If you're a freelancer, using public places such as hot desks or co-working spaces can help you connect with like-minded people and any potential networking opportunities that may be out there.

Declutter your space

The saying "tidy room, tidy mind" has some proof as our environment can significantly impact our mood. Clutter can be stressful and distracting, especially in a small space such as your desk. Tidying and throwing away anything you don't need can help you be more organised and productive. As well as the instant relief feeling you get, the long-term benefits will contribute to you feeling more in control and on top of your workload and surroundings.

Take a break

It's vital to take a break from your work when you can. Take advantage of the facilities such as break rooms or kitchens, or go out and get some fresh air to step away from the pressure and relax. Doing this will help reset your mind and return to your work feeling more rejuvenated. If you're sitting at a screen all day, browser apps are available that remind you to drink some water or look away from the screen for 30 seconds. Small actions like this throughout the day can help you mentally and help prevent physical side effects such as headaches and eye strain.

Eat well

It's common knowledge that opting for a balanced, healthy diet can help improve your health both physically and mentally. Nutritious snacks and plenty of water throughout the day have obvious long-term benefits, but it can be very easy to get stuck in a rut of unhealthy snacking. With sweet treats almost always on offer in offices, find a balance with opting for these as an occasional treat alongside a healthy option for lunch and plenty of fruit throughout the week.

Fresh air and natural light

Access to fresh air and natural light in the office is a must. Nobody wants to work in a stuffy environment with lousy lighting. There are many health benefits to having ample natural light in an office environment as it has been proven to be a mood-booster and help improve the well-being of employees. Even getting outside for fresh air for a few minutes a day on your break can help you relieve stress and help you improve your mood.

Stay active

It can be hard to stay active when sitting down all day at a computer. Why not go for a short walk on your lunch break? Or if you're workplace offers gym facilities, signing up with some of your colleagues can help give you the motivation to go and bring you plenty of health and social benefits.

Taking things like the above tips into action can all help boost mental well-being in an office environment. However, if you are struggling with your mental health, the best option is to reach out to trusted professionals and foundations to help you.