Business First | 7 Reasons To Admit You Love Working in an Office

7 Reasons To Admit You Love Working in an Office

23 May 2022 –– Tips & Advice

We’ve put together the top 7 reasons you should love working in an office.

Although there are many benefits to flexible and home working if it suits your business style, the benefits of being in a positive, thriving work environment are unmatched. It can bring daily well-being to employees, drive productivity and collaboration, and much more.

Reduces loneliness

Even when you need a day of quiet concentration and getting on with the task, it can be a comfort to have people around you when you need that much-deserved break. Being around your co-workers daily can help stave off the loneliness that you may find from spending your working time at home alone.

Creativity amongst teams

Creative flow and generating plans are much easier to do when you have a team to bounce ideas off. It gets you out of any creative ruts and can help sway things in the right direction, a fresh pair of ideas is always a good idea.

Better productivity

As much as you may love your home office, distractions around you can become apparent and lead to less productivity. It is much easier to concentrate when in a professional work environment.

A boost to your productivity in an office is not only down to fewer distractions but through healthy competition. Employees talk to each other during the day and share successes and challenges, which can foster teamwork to complete goals more efficiently. Friendly competition in the workplace will boost productivity if done right.

Better equipment

Even the best home offices can’t always compare to a well-equipped office. Having the right furniture and tech equipment (with IT help on-site) has numerous advantages. When you’re at home, there’s always the desire to sit on the couch to work, leading to bad posture and becoming uncomfortable. Access to equipment like printers and better technology is one of the main benefits of working in an office - plus, if anything goes wrong, there’s usually immediate help from the IT department.

Office culture is too fun to miss

Who wants to miss out on free cake or team lunches? Social events and office perks are among the best ways to build a good company culture and make employees feel valued at work. Good office culture and job perks make employees want to be there.

On-the-spot feedback

Although it’s fair to get feedback through email or virtual meetings, there’s nothing like in-person meetings to see facial expressions and nuances and better understand what is being said. You are more likely to get a quicker response too.

Better work-life balance

Spending your work hours in a working environment also helps you get more of a home-life balance, keeping work at the office and your life at home separate. You have somewhere to come to focus on work priorities while having the time and space at home to yourself.

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