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7 Ideas To Help Improve Your Current Office Environment

11 Apr 2022 –– Tips & Advice

What should I do to enhance my workspace?

Every business should want positive and productive office space with happy employees. A good work environment helps your team's health and wellbeing and attracts and retains a high-quality workforce. We've looked at the different things you should consider to improve your office environment.

Open-plan office space

Having an open-plan or spacious office can help encourage team collaboration and help give your employees the space they need without feeling crammed into small desks and cubicles. Business First office suites give you the freedom to arrange your office to suit your team's needs to be the most comfortable and efficient.

Identifying needs of your employees

It's necessary to understand what is needed to help your team make the most out of your workspace. Appropriate furniture and ample desk space are essential for office workers sitting down most of the day. It helps your employees stay comfortable and promotes good posture to prevent strains or injuries. Other needs such as plenty of natural light and quick access to water coolers can help your office be more accommodating.

Clean and organised work areas

Hygiene is more important than ever in a post-Covid world, so sanitisation and cleaning are vital to helping stop the spread of germs and give your team a clean, safe space to work. Keep desks and work areas neat so employees don't feel like they're working amongst any clutter. A clean and tidy office area allows your team to access everything they need easily and quickly.

Attractive office interiors

The interior of your office space needs to feel just as welcoming as the outside and reception. Consider what is appropriate for your work environment, whether carpeted or tiled floors, bright white rooms, or a splash of colour. Company logos, imagery and plants can all add to the atmosphere of your office. Our business suites give you the chance to design your space as you need, whether it's a beauticians room, nursery or professional, modern office.

Welcoming break areas

Having a modern, fully fitted kitchen is essential to office daily life. Nobody wants a kitchen with a broken kettle or without a fridge. Give your employees a welcoming area to enjoy their lunch and make their morning coffee and catch up. A break area where people can energise and step away from the office on their break is essential for the wellbeing of staff and helps keep up productivity in the afternoon. All our office suites and business centres have access to contemporary, fitted kitchens to provide a much-needed break for your team.

High-quality technology

In a time of conference calls, webinars and virtual meetings, having your office fitted with high-spec technology is a vital investment. Proper equipment can help progress work faster and make the day-to-day running smoother. Meeting and board rooms equipped with projectors, screens, and phones can give your business a more professional edge when meeting with clients and visitors.

Background music

Background music for your office environment can help motivate your team every day of the week. A deadly silent office can increase tiredness and boredom among employees, whereas having appropriate radio stations or music playlists encourages a calm but productive office atmosphere.

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