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A Day In The Life Of A Business First Centre Manager

09 Apr 2018 –– News

A Day In The Life Of A Business First Centre Manager

Each Business First centre has its own dedicated centre manager. But what do they actually do all day? It's time we found out...

A while back, a LinkedIn status update from Liverpool manager Jennifer Brereton caught our eye. Unluckily for her, the marketing team decided she's the ideal person to walk us through a day in her shoes as one of our two Liverpool centre managers. And you can see why!

After all, we always knew our centre managers worked hard. They keep tenants happy, find new tenants and oversee the smooth running of our business centres on a daily basis. However, we realised even the marketing team didn't actually know the ins and outs of life at the helm of a Business First centre. So, it may well surprise others to read about what actually goes into an average day.

To shed some light on the mysterious and exciting world of business centre management, we added yet ANOTHER thing onto Jen's to do list (sorry Jen). Eventually, our pestering paid off and she sent us a diary of an average day in a centre manager's shoes.

So, without further ado, it's time to delve into life at the centre of the Business First world, through the all-seeing eyes of our Jen.


Walk in to 15 engineers locked out of their office because someone forgot the key (great start to the day!). They're all here for training in the training room first thing Monday morning. As you can guess they were all thrilled to be here.

On to setting the boardrooms, one of my daily tasks.. only to find a case of the mysterious missing water glasses. I set off on my travels tracking down the missing glasses from around the centre, one by one. I'm sure my tenants think this is a game of hide and seek. Well, for today at least, I won and located them all - all sorted and the zen is restored.


Time to make a brew. Green tea it is - it's Monday after all, and the diet always starts on Monday.


Sit down to tackle emails to find out Ken Dodd has died... moment of sadness but we push on through the working day and start to catch up on emails [*pssst! Top tip from the marketing team - read our blog on how to reclaim your inbox here].


Not only is it Monday, but it's raining... this day is just getting better! One outstanding signed agreement chased... firm but fair email sent in order to tick this off my to do list once and for all.


Oh great - the scanner's broken and three people need to scan and send an urgent job list. Why oh why, it's only 10.30! A quick call to IT superstar Luke to sort this trainwreck out and get us all back on track.


One or two tenants check in for a cheeky catch up after their fun-filled weekend out on the town and little old me is reliving my youth listening to their stories (which can't be repeated).

Reception is fairly quiet today as my tenants get their heads down and tackle their own to do lists. But it's not always the case - it's often the scene of cake sales, charity raffles and even wellbeing treatments on occasion (note to self - book in for another one of these after today!).


Throughout the intermittent interruption from IT Luke sorting the scanner out, I finally get on top of my emails and turn to my outstanding to do list, when the postman arrives with not one or two, but THREE full boxes (give me strength!). I start sorting through the mountain of post when a toilet blocks up on the third floor. There is no way on this planet that I am resolving this matter, so a ticket for maintenance and our trusty Ryan soon arrives to sort it out. This should help unblock his nose from a bout of man flu last week.


Back to the post. Eeny meeny miny moe... How my tenants expect to get post when it only has the building address on in a building of 80+ businesses and 250+ people is a mystery! But yes, Mr Smith, I will endeavour to find you and give you your envelope in perfect condition with no indication of your employer or room number.

Ring ring, ring ring (I promise, my impression of a telephone is brilliant in real life) - pest control are planning a visit this afternoon to sort out the problem of some pesky pigeons intent on spoiling the front of our beautiful building. They need to find somewhere else to roost and we will make sure they do!


Back to the to do list. Signage for our lovely, brand spanking new kitchenette. This is an easy peasy one - a quote has been requested and I can tick that job off for now! Next up, routine Legionella tests need to be booked in - no reply, so I leave a message for them to call me back. The safety of our tenants is always top of my to do list, so this is one we always keep on top of.

Suddenly remember the marketing team requested a diary of a centre manager almost a month ago. Today is definitely the day (before I forget AGAIN) so I quickly run through everything that's happened so far today, and make a mental note to catalogue the rest of the day's activity - this should be interesting!


LUNCH TIME! The diet started today after all, so just a nice little soup for lunch. I try to hide in the canteen so I can check my Instagram and browse some online shops, I truly do love to chat to my tenants but it's nice to get a moment to myself and enjoy some peace and quiet after a busy morning.


Back from lunch to a tidal wave of emails. Firstly, a potential tenant - I receive a reply from a guy who viewed an office last week and wants a second viewing. Fantastic - let's get him booked in!


Wayhay - a signed agreement from the guy who I chased this morning! Persistence does pay off in the end.


Feeling the afternoon lull now. Best get thinking about this blog to motivate me back into action... but first, a quick browse through LinkedIn and I spot our tenants, The Oliver King Foundation, outside Number 10 Downing Street! It's great to see our businesses doing amazing work - we're lucky to have a supportive and really friendly atmosphere amongst all of our tenants here. Great work guys!


Oh look, here's the pest control guy. We politely chat in reception, a little bit of small talk about the morning's headlines about Jamie Carragher spitting at a fan, apparently the pest control guy gets mistaken for Jamie all the time *awkward silence*.


We head out to examine the pigeon's handiwork in the drizzly rain, then quickly march back in and up to the third floor to determine if and where they are nesting. After a surprisingly informative chat about pigeons, seagulls and cherry pickers a plan is in place and it's back to the grind.


Just as I'm about to crack on with this blog, the vending machine guys show up.

Decisions decisions... do we place it at an angle? Front facing? Or side facing? Will the wire reach that far? Do we need an extension? I have a tendency to make life harder for myself, but even I am surprising myself on this one. In the end, the decision was left to the real manager of this place, Billy the cleaner - nothing is going down in this place without his say so. And let's face it, the most important question of all is will it contain my favourite chocolate bar or will I actually manage to stick to my diet?

For today at least, I manage to resist the urge thanks to some healthy treats from The Work Perk (but the green tea is out of the window by this point and coffee is well and truly needed).


Finally tied up some loose ends and set to work telling you all about my quiet day behind the desk of Business First, Liverpool. But I better be quick, as another day has flown by and it's almost time to start thinking about tomorrow's to do list!

Luckily, I'm blessed with the best tenants and they make working here great fun. After all, it's not everywhere you end the week with a bunch of flowers for your hard work!

Need office space in Liverpool?

Jen and her fellow centre manager, Adele, have offices to let in our centre, which is located on Estuary Banks in Speke. Contact Jen today by calling 0151 728 3388 or emailing