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Business First Adopts Penguins at Blackpool Zoo for World Penguin Day

05 Apr 2022 –– News

Win a day at Blackpool Zoo for two! Read on to find out more about our competition and the penguins we're sponsoring.

World Penguin Day on the 25th of April aims to celebrate this adorable species while bringing awareness to the global threats that face penguins in Antarctica and South America.

March your happy feet to Blackpool

Business First has recently sponsored the penguins at Blackpool Zoo in honour of World Penguin Day, and we're giving you the chance to WIN two tickets to visit the zoo!

The type of penguins you will see at Blackpool Zoo is called Magellanic, which are now classed as near-threatened. They originate from South America, particularly Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Isles, where they inhabit coastal areas and steep, rocky banks. The real threat to these birds is overfishing and pollution, such as plastic and oil spills and climate change which has displaced fish populations contributing to their decreasing population.

How to win a flippin’ fab day at Blackpool

Head over to our Business First Facebook page for your chance to win in our competition for two free tickets to the zoo.

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