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5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have An Office Space

15 Mar 2022 –– Tips & Advice

Why is it important to have a physical office space?

Taking the step from working from home to finding an office space is a huge decision. If you’re a budding entrepreneur who set up your own business during the lockdown, you may want to venture into getting your own office space. We’ve looked at five reasons why having a physical office is important.

Support from locals

Being accessible to your clients is vital. Everyone loves to support a local business. Having an office or workspace can benefit your business when it is in the correct location. If you are operating in a large town or city, you could be on the doorstep of thousands of potential clients. If you have a young target market, somewhere like our Preston offices could be an ideal location with the footfall of students and post-graduates.

Encourages employee wellbeing

Having a professional space to call your own is an excellent opportunity to create your company culture. An office gives your employees the chance to connect effectively, encouraging a strong team mentality. When staff can interact quickly and collaboratively, building a company culture that supports the business is simple. It also enables your employees to be as passionate about the company as you are.

Creates a professional image

Think of your office as the physical embodiment of your business. A central hub for all things business can give your customers a better perception of your company. Good, professional spaces can help grow your company identity and brand. This professional, branded image can encourage new business opportunities and help customers trust you.

Room to grow

With the start-up culture booming and businesses expanding, having a physical work-friendly space is vital to helping your business grow. Having enough room for stock expansions, employees, or equipment is essential for any growing start-up venture. As a small or medium-sized company, having an office space gives your business room to breathe and scale up with you as your business grows.

Increased productivity

As many of us know from home-working through the pandemic, productivity levels can dip as distractions at home are easy to come by. A work-friendly space to run your business from is likely to encourage employee productivity. It has the advantage of improving a work-life balance, giving you some separation between your professional and home life.

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