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Do you know the password?

14 Jul 2016 –– News
How do you remember all your passwords?

I've always found it irritating to have to remember my myriad passwords. As a result, I'd always used Google's 'remember me' feature... Until a few months ago - I'd had some issues trying to log into things after Google had decided it no longer remembered me. That was when a colleague of mine told me about LastPass. LastPass provides a similar service to Google's 'remember me' feature, but doesn't seem to forget you.

That said, if like me, you need to log in to various peoples' accounts on any given website, or piece of cloud hosted software, on a daily basis - LastPass can get confused occasionally, but it gives you more control and generally does make life easier for people like me, who can't be bothered trying to remember every single password they have.

Which brings me, in a roundabout way, to the subject of today's blog post: Passwords.

Lots of businesses have a variety of passwords for all sorts of different things. From online banking and accounting software, to Google Adwords. Social Media to CRM software. All of which contain sensitive information. And all of which often need more than one person to know the password.

'Makes sense', you might think. 'If several people need to use that programme, then they all need to know the password'. Although, to an extent, this is correct. It is still not the safest way to go about keeping your passwords and business secure.

LastPass gives you the opportunity to have one person who knows the passwords, but multiple people who can access the software they are securing.

Don't believe me?

Take a look at this cool infographic and give LastPass a go.

And no, I'm not being paid by LastPass to write this!

How do you remember all your passwords?