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FUNDA founder Keiran Fletcher chooses Business First Pendle as his headquarters

05 Oct 2021 –– Community

FUNDA are a multi award-winning, Physical Education, children's activity & childcare provider.

OFSTED registered, they are officially recognised by the Queen and were awarded as one of the North West’s ‘Most Exciting Companies’. They have their own curriculum, and believe in developing the fundamental movement skills in children such as hopping, running and skipping.

They aim to inspire children by getting them active and moving their bodies. They put on holiday camps with over 100 children per day, and before and after school wraparound care. In schools they work alongside teachers to train them up, and not just to teach sport because that doesn’t inspire all children.

Kieran Fletcher, Founder of FUNDA, said: “What makes us different is that we’re OFSTED registered, we’ve got a full curriculum that we’ve devised called the FUNDA way. We train our staff to teach the FUNDA way, so they’re fully branded, they’ve got the resources, they’ve got the extra training. We have themes, we have games, and we’ve got all the activities they teach in schools but also in the school holidays.

We’ve got one young man who started off with us at the age of four and went all the way through to fourteen – now he’s sixteen and employed by FUNDA teaching the children. He’s really inspiring children, being a role model.”

Kieran added, “We’ve been a tenant of Business First for over 16 years. We chose Business First because it’s flexible, it’s a fixed cost every month, it supports a growing business and you can use all the different spaces. You’ve got the Hub, you’ve got the girls on the front desk, you’ve got a postage room  - you’ve got everything a growing business needs. It’s a fixed cost, and there’s really clear terms when you sign up. If you need your office developing, the Business First team can actually do the DIY, the joinery, all the extra work – if you need partitions up, if you need to section off your office so it’s not just a square box, you can get really creative with your own office and make it your own.”

Business First provides fully serviced offices for any business size, from a single workdesk to industrial units. You can see more about Business First and its locations here:

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