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Get your business fighting fit in our Liverpool Business Centres

09 Jan 2017 –– News
Get your business fighting fit

Welcome back. It’s 2017. What will this year hold for us?

As everyone is setting new year’s goals and resolutions, that will inevitably be broken before the 31st of January, there is no better time than now to move your business to Business First, Liverpool.

We have a whole load of exciting things going on in January and the coming months.

First of all, hands up if you have set a fitness goal for 2017? Many studies have shown the increase in productivity when employees are feeling fit and focused, so it can benefit your business if you encourage your staff to hit the gym and eat healthily.

Segueing seamlessly from the above, it just so happens that this January the newly refurbished GO Fresh Café will open its doors in our Liverpool Business Centre, serving up delicious and healthy, hot and cold food.

So whether you’re counting calories, building biceps, in need of a sugar fix before tackling your emails, or simply fancy a morning caffeine fix, the GO Fresh Café is where you need to be.

Why not be adventurous, and take advantage of being based in a communal business building by enjoying a coffee with a stranger? Who knows what people have to offer? The Go Fresh Café will be a hive of activity in 2017.

In addition, all of our tenants have exclusive, and free access to our onsite gym. So, if you need to dust off the last remaining Christmas glitter, or run off the extra pounds that all the turkey and Christmas pudding helped you to put on over Christmas, then why not make use of our fantastic facilities?

One of south Liverpool’s most experienced personal trainers just so happens to be one of our Business Centre’s many valued tenants. Anthony, from Fuel PT, is onsite to run training sessions in our gym, throughout the day. It has been proven that 30-45 minutes of exercise per day can help increase productivity in the workplace, so we encourage everyone to come down, dust off their running shoes and get fitter in 2017. What’s stopping you? The gym is FREE for our tenants to use, after all!

Another of our tenants is the brainchild of local twins, Nikki and Leanne. 2tonefit, the active-wear choice to the celebs, is glamming up the gym scene one squat at a time; with stars, such as Lucy Jo Hudson and Erin Borini, sporting their latest range.

The Liverpool Business Centre-based twins had a vision of producing luxury active-wear, suitable for everyday use; durable enough to survive a hard workout, but suitable for tackling the school run, too. Why not drop them an email or visit their website to shop the latest range?

2017 is going to be an amazing year here at Business First, Liverpool. We can eat well, train hard, and look good…all under one roof. What more could you ask for from your Business Centre? We’re not just providing you with state-of-the-art office space, but we’re helping to keep you happy and focused on achieving your goals in 2017, as well.

If you haven’t already, why not join us?

Guest Blog, written by our Liverpool Centre Manager.