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How to improve the performance of your business easily

03 Sept 2020 –– Tips & Advice

Business First Liverpool tenants, The PC Support Group, are back with another handy guest post on how to improve the performance of your business easily.

How you answer these two questions could change your business forever….

1. “Is my business making the most of IT?”

2. “Do I regard IT as a business facilitator, or a business driver?

At The PC Support Group, they recommend any owner/manager in an SME to ask these questions on a regular basis. And your answers could either be the catalyst for game-changing improvements in the performance of your business - or result in a whole host of missed opportunities.

For many, IT means email, access to the internet and some Microsoft Office tools, with CRM and accounts packages tacked on for good measure. For these businesses, once the basics are in place and working reliably, bingo, now the real work can begin!

On the flip side, those businesses that regard IT as providing endless opportunities to improve productivity and service quality, cut costs, be more efficient, drive innovation and open up new markets are the ones that will likely flourish.

These are the organisations that use IT to drive their businesses forward, for whom IT is a growth engine, not just a bunch of electronic tools!

So, here’s just a few practical examples of how embracing IT can make the difference :

  • The biggest change in 2020 has been the boom in remote working and teleconferencing. Smart firms are embracing it and using it to imagine the future of their businesses, with a lower cost base, a lighter footprint and an energised workforce
  • Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription models continue to replace on-premise software, being more flexible and accessible. They deliver scalable, up-to-date and cost effective solutions for all business critical management activities, avoiding the need for capital investment. Ones to consider initially include accounting and HR systems

Businesses still use far too much paper, with recent statistics suggesting the average office worker produces 10,000 sheets a year, with almost 70% going to waste. Going fully digital saves on paper and storage costs, improves accessibility and document sharing and reduces demand for precious finite resources. What processes can you change to utilise online forms rather than printed paper?

The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the use of electronic signatures, initially to reduce risks to health, but in the long term, secure electronic signatures will become the norm, saving more paper and eliminating costly, time-consuming business travel to secure traditional signatures

Finally, business process management (BPM) plays a vital role in defining and implementing the way your business wants to operate, setting standards and then communicating those consistently. BPM tools make sure that everyone knows what’s expected of them and enables more effective people and resource management.

Whatever your answers to these questions, The PC Support Group can help you to harness today’s technology and solutions to help your business succeed. Just speak to their friendly team on 03300 886 116 or email them on for an informal and confidential chat.