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15 Nov 2019 –– Testimonials
BCN Group is an IT specialist based at our Group First house offices in Padiham

Find out why IT support business BCN Group chose to move into our Group First House centre, in Padiham.

What does your business do?

IT support, IT hardware and Sage support.

How did you hear about Business First offices in Burnley?

It's a large local business, so I was generally aware of the business.

Why did you decide to operate from our offices?

The flexibility of the solution at Business First is good to support our growth.

When did you first move in?

June 2019.

What benefits do you get from operating from Business First?

The offices are local to us.

How has your office space here helped you to run your business successfully?

Again, it's been really easy and flexible, it was a smooth transaction too.

What's the best thing we've done for your business?

You help us to communicate our events to all tenants.

Would you recommend Business First office space to other SMEs?


What's next for your business?

Probably look to move to a bigger office within Business First as our business grows.

Book a viewing to see office space available to let in Business First's Padiham centres

We have offices to let in our Padiham centres, located on Shuttleworth Mead, right now. To book a viewing, call the centre manager on 01282 330330 or email