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24 Jun 2020 –– Testimonials
Cleanbright Services offers a range of commercial cleaning services

Find out more about cleaning company Cleanbright Services, which is based at our Ribble Court offices.

What does your business do?

We offer commercial cleaning services, including office cleaning, medical centre cleaning, school cleaning and industrial cleaning. We are CQC compliant and our staff are DBS checked. As well as long term contracts, we also offer one-off jobs and a ladderless cleaning services. 

How did you hear about Business First?

We already had previous knowledge of the business centre. 

How long have you been at Business First's Ribble Court centre?

We've been here for five years. 

What size is your office?

400 sq ft. 

Why did you decide to operate from our offices?

We liked the overall atmosphere of the building and location. 

What benefits do you get from working out of Business First?

A very pleasant and professional working environment, friendly tenants and centre manager, very well run business centre. 

Do you make use of the free facilities at Business First?


How has Business First helped you to run your business successfully?

It has allowed us to work in a professional environment and to meet other tenants. 

What's the best thing Business First has done for your business?

It has a direct impact on our business activities and turnover. 

Would you recommend Business First to other SMEs?

Yes, definitely. 

What’s next for Cleanbright Services?

We want to continue improving our business and intend staying in the centre to help achieve this. 

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