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03 Feb 2020 –– Testimonials
Cruise Academy runs out of our Burnley offices

Cruise Academy Limited is one of many businesses based at our Burnley business centre. Find out how this works for them.

What does your business do?

Cruise Academy Limited provides cruise industry education, seafarer training and shipboard recruitment.

How did you hear about Business First offices in Burnley?

Google search.

Why did you choose to base your business here?

In addition to location and value for money, it was important for me to have training facilities and meeting rooms on-site.

When did you move in?

August 2019.

How big is your office?

250 sq ft.

What benefits do you enjoy as a Business First tenant?

Having a manned reception means that we can accept deliveries when we are not on site. It also gives our clients a better first impression. Having meeting and training rooms on-site makes it easier for us to organise and execute certain events.

Do you make use of the facilities at Business First?


How has Business First helped you to run your business successfully?

It was very useful to have an internet provider on site and the option to access the office 24/7. I like that we can stay in the same building as we grow. It's also good to know that we can use the meeting room facilities at other sites if we need to. This makes it easier to arrange meetings off-site in different locations. We like that we have an office space that is value for money.

Would you recommend Business First to other SMEs?


What's next for your business?

We have just started our third year of business and are currently undergoing a massive rebranding project. Looking forward to launching with a new image and clearly defined objectives at the end of the year. We are looking forward to establishing new partnerships with local and national colleges and universities. 

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