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30 Oct 2019 –– Testimonials

Gradient Consulting is a great example of a company using Business First office facilities to upscale their business. Find out how our East Lancashire office space has helped the business to grow in the past nine years.

What does your business do?

We are experts in helping organisations optimise their business processes and related technology platforms. We collaborate with clients to help them select and implement ERP systems. 

At Gradient, we also help optimise an existing system to best suit your business needs. We work to align people, systems and processes to achieve an optimum overall solution for the client and its stakeholders.

How did you find out about Business First offices in Burnley?

We were previously housed in one of Business First other buildings, Burnley Business Centre. 

Back in 2010, we heard about Business First from other tenants, before moving into our own office there at the end of April that year.

We decided the Burnley business centre had a lot to offer both in terms of facilities and location. Eventually, we had three office suites there, two 500 sq ft offices and one 250 sq ft office.

Last year, Gradient was (and still is) in the midst of a growth period, and so the decision was made that we would need more office space. We also wanted to stay somewhere local with excellent transport links, so we decided to relocate to nearby Group First House, in Padiham.

We are situated just off the M65, which is convenient for our field-based staff when travelling into the office.

Also, as we were moving from another Business First location, we knew the high standard we could expect.

We have been here for just over a year. We were at the Burnley office for eight years.

What made you choose to move offices to Group First House? 

We wanted our business operations all to run from the same space to emanate a more formal environment. 

Here, we have a board room, three large private offices and enough desks for around 15 members of staff all in one place. 

We even have enough room for a kitchen area and plenty of storage spaces for documents and office supplies!

Which benefits do you get from working out of this business centre?

  • Post management
  • Boardrooms
  • Kitchen areas
  • Parking
  • Friendly staff
  • Cleanliness

Do you use the free facilities at Group First House?

Yes occasionally, but now that we have our boardroom we don’t need the meeting spaces as much. 

Everything else is fantastic; we can even access the free gym at the Burnley centre!

Being based at this location allows our employees and clients to reach our offices conveniently.

We have plenty of room in our office to accommodate our field-based staff when they visit the office. We are also now able to host meetings in our very own boardroom for clients, as and when required.

How does Business First help you to run your business more efficiently?

It is providing us with a range of facilities that support our business operations.

Being based here means we have easy access to the motorway network for visiting clients, and it's given us the additional space to expand our employee levels.

Would you recommend Business First business centres to other SMEs? 

Yes, we would highly recommend the centres to other SMEs whether they are starting out or long-established – there are options to suit everyone. In fact, we have already recommended Business First on several occasions.

What's next for Gradient Consulting?

We plan to continue expanding in multiple sectors and markets.

Book a viewing at Group First House 

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