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25 Sept 2020 –– Testimonials

i2i HQ Limited is based out of our Ribble Court offices. Find out more here.

What does your business do?

i2i work in business and elite sport to teach scientific and psychological strategies to teams and individuals to help them change their behaviours and achieve their goals. For 27 years, we’ve worked internationally to transform businesses and sporting teams who went on to achieve incredible results when applying the knowledge they learned through one of our programmes or 1-1 coaching projects to be the best versions of themselves and changing their mindset for the better.

We deliver face to face programmes to teams of senior management, leaders and board members (COVID safe) and are pleased to now offer our online ‘Goal Achievement Programme’ to allow for mass distribution and also a lower price point option for our customers to extend the opportunity to more of their people. 

What is your business called?

i2i HQ Limited

How did you hear about Business First?

Rightmove – Initial office search earlier this year.

Why did you decide to operate from our offices?

Due to COVID-19, our businesses quickly needed to innovate to offer access to our content and people online. We all worked from home previously and travelled the country regularly, however we now need a space to stream live conference speeches, film client content to support them with talent mapping and development, and host live sessions with clients working on various development projects.

When did you first move in/how long have you been at Business First

The 18thSeptember 2020 was our first day!

How big is your office?


What benefits do you get from working out of Business First?

We’re delighted to be in an office setting now and having the space to not only house some of our team, but to have a filming corner to produce quality content quickly is something we’re going to make much use of. While we enjoyed the ‘shirt and shorts’ Zoom attire approach for a little while during lockdown, we’re ready to get back to what we know which is delivering the most professional, engaging content to our customers and being able to meet their demand easily. Virtual conferences and keynote speeches are becoming a regular thing now, so the benefit of having an office as our streaming location is fantastic.

We’re also looking forward to making use of the boardroom facilities both here in Padiham and in the other Business First locations to meet with clients and conduct various face to face sessions.

Do you make use of the free facilities at Business First?

We haven’t yet, but we certainly will!

How has Business First helped you to run your business successfully?

Business First have enabled us to innovate and develop our business quickly and meet the new digital requirements of our clients as our landscape has changed so much in these times. We’ve also now got a space to allow us to regularly gather our team and keep them engaged and fresh on what’s going in our world and that of our clients.

What's the best thing Business First has done for your business?

Having the freedom to do what we want to the office is fantastic and something we didn’t find at a couple of other venues we looked at. We’ve got a lot of sports memorabilia from clients we’ve worked with over the years so are delighted we’ll get to display that on the walls in our office and see our achievements every day. (Pop by and have a look!) Chloe and the team have made the whole process simple and quick which is just what we needed so thank you to them.

Would you recommend Business First to other SMEs

Absolutely. The rolling contract, opportunity to make the office yours and have that space to separate home from work is brilliant.

Special offer for Business First tenants.

i2i have a new online programme that they're incredibly proud of and is working wonders for teams of people all over the country particularly in these difficult and ever-changing times. Their programme provides problem solving tools and techniques, helping people to remove barriers to achieve their goals, coaches new behaviours to increase resilience and builds a suite of mindset tools to help people be the best version of themselves. You can find out more about the programme and read some case studies online at or of course pop in to see them any time on the 2nd floor, suite 4 of Ribble Court.

As a celebration of them joining the Busines First family, they would like to extend an offer to all tenants of Business First across the country in the form of a 15% reduction on their online Goal Achievement Programme, taking the cost down to just £255 per person. They're also happy to provide an introductory discount for their face to face programme in your nearest Business First boardroom should you feel your people could benefit from an intensive, interactive 3-day wellbeing and resilience building programme. For more information on either, please drop them an email on