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02 Apr 2018 –– Testimonials

Outbound Care provides nurturing, full-time care for young people aged between ten and eighteen. The team moved into our Blackpool centre in August 2017 - find out how our fully serviced office solution works for their business.

What does your business do?

As an organisation, our mission is: “to provide a trusted and nurturing home environment designed to both develop and prepare young people for a successful transition into adulthood.”

The values of Outbound Care are simple; to provide unrivalled levels of care, support and education to our young people. The objective being to develop levels of maturity and assist in enabling individuals to function effectively within society as successful, independent adults

How did you hear about Business First offices in Blackpool?

We found Business First online.

Why did you decide to operate from our offices?

On arrival to view the complex we were greeted by a very professional and most importantly friendly face (centre manager Hannah Eastham).

Hannah showed us around the building and answered every question we had. We wanted a modern, spacious and professional setting. Also, the nature of our business is child-focused, so a happy friendly face on arrival helped in this decision.

When did you first move in/how long have you been at Business First?

We moved into our 500 sq ft office on the 1st August 2017.

What benefits do you get from operating from Business First?

  • 24hour office (this comes in handy)
  • Use of well-equipped boardrooms
  • Friendly, professional receptionist

Do you make use of the free facilities at Business First?

We use the kitchen and the toilets 😊

How has Business First helped you to run your business successfully?

By enabling our company to run effectively with a continuous high-quality place of work.

What would you say the best thing Business First has done for your business is?

Business First has provided Outbound Care with a professional and friendly environment for staff and young people to come in and be greeted.

Would you recommend Business First to other SMEs?

Most definitely.

What’s next for your business?

We are in need of a bigger office! We are expanding and providing care to more young people across the country.

View offices to let in Blackpool

Hannah has office space available to let in our Blackpool business centre. Book in now by calling her on 01253 01253 599599 or emailing

Find us here:

Lancaster House
Amy Johnson Way