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Inside Business First: Partner Plus Media

16 Aug 2023 –– Community

Partner Plus Media specialises in providing no-cost print and digital publications linking local businesses together to forge strong connections.

Previous tenants of Blackpool Technology Business Centre, Partner Plus Media, have been in the building since April 2018, before Business First took over. They decided to stay due to the service Business First provides.

Initially only having one office at 3000 sqft, the company required more space, and the opportunity came up to expand into the office next door, which now houses the extensive team.

"The biggest advantage for us is not having to worry about the general upkeep of the building; we know if we have any issues, they are fixed promptly without disrupting our staff."

"We use lots of the facilities. We like the meeting room, which enables our heads of departments to catch up in private without being interrupted."

As well as "having a front of the house for deliveries and guests. The post is collected, as we send a small amount of mail, but it saves anybody being responsible for taking it, which normally ends up in a delay when they forget!" Other positives for the business include better hiring of staff and the amount of parking available for employees and guests.

"100% recommend Business First. The helpfulness of the centre manager, Millie, is amazing as she often goes beyond what she needs to and from observation; she does that for all tenants."

Future plans for the business include continuing to keep customers happy and for the company to keep growing.

"If Partner Plus Media could help your business grow, get in touch with us and see how we can help each other."