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06 Nov 2019 –– Testimonials
The Redmoor Health team is based at our Blackpool offices

What does your business do?

We provide project management, engagement and communications support to digital and transformation programmes. We are helping primary care become more digitally enabled, shaping new exciting NHS projects.

Redmoor Health are proudly leading on the following national and regional NHS projects:

  • NHS ORB - Working with NWSIS and the Orb team to take the NHS Orb platform from BETA to full launch.
  • Docman - Working with NWSIS to implement a solution into Blackpool and Morecambe GP surgeries.
  • Image sharing - Working with NWSIS to implement sharing of radiology results across sites in the North West.
  • Digital Exemplar Programme - Working in the primary care area to enhance digital capabilities across primary care networks (PCNs), working across Lancashire and South Cumbria.
  • GP retention programme - Facilitating 30 GPs across Lancashire and South Cumbria to work remotely through video consultations, using Xuper and iPlato software.
  • Stoke and North Staffordshire Social Media Programme - Supporting the development of practice digital champions to help them use social media, video consultation, and apps.
  • North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Video Consultation Pilot - Connecting GPs and other health professionals to care homes via Skype.
  • Good Things Foundation care home digital champions programme - Running sessions in care homes to create digital champions.
  • Lloyd George notes - Digitising 2 million medical records to free space in practice.
  • Skype Medication Usage Reviews in East Staffordshire - Deploying the use of Skype for Medication Usage Reviews (MURs).
  • Digital First in Lancashire - Developing a programme on behalf of the ICS to create a digital first primary care system.
  • Digital stories - The planning, filming, and creation of powerful digital stories on behalf of the Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS.
  • Creating impactful animations - To deliver health campaign messages in a creative and engaging way through animations.
  • The digital up-skilling of nurses across the country - Including training on social media, video consultation, apps, and other technology 

How did you find out about our offices in Blackpool?


What made you choose Business First for your office base?

We needed a base for the business, and the location was ideal as it is just off the motorway and very central for a lot of our projects.

When did you move into your office?

February 2019.

How big is your office space?

It's a 250 sq ft office, which is big enough for four desks.

What is your Blackpool office space used for?

It's a space for teamwork and a space to meet clients.

Do you use the extra facilities available in your business centre?

Yes – we often arrange meetings in the board rooms.

How has Business First helped your business to run more efficiently?

It has helped us to successfully hold business and team meetings and allows us to work more as a team.

Would you recommend Business First office space to other SMEs?


What's next for Redmoor Health? 

    We are looking to expand in the future, and take on more staff as we are increasingly taking on more projects across the country, and are looking to have more hubs/working space.

    View Blackpool offices to let

    We have offices to let in Blackpool - book a viewing by emailing the centre manager on or calling 01253 599599.