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Inside Business First: Regenerate

17 May 2024 –– Community

We have welcomed a new tenant at our Blackpool business centre, Regenerate Health and Wellness Centre.

"Regenerate uses advanced technology to improve health and wellness, rejuvenate the cells, beautify the skin and challenge many stubborn health conditions. The primary aim is to fight aging and improve wellness and health, resulting in a more vibrant you."

'Regenerate' chose Business First Blackpool for its prime location, on-site facilities, and suitability for business type. We moved in on April 8, 2024.

"The office is 500 sq. ft. I considered this the smallest possible size I could use for my business, and it was a good starting point. The half-price for three months was a prime consideration. The space being over two rooms in one unit is also beneficial."

"Business First Blackpool provides a good location with parking for clients, which is easy to find and access. It also has a good reception area. If a company wishes to present a premium image to customers, the location and office style of Business First presents a good impression."

Regenerate is eagerly looking forward to welcoming more customers, enabling them to invest in additional equipment and expand their space, further enhancing their services.

"In the modern age, we are all aware of how important it is to look after our bodies to bolster our immune system and increase our vitality and sense of well-being. Ageing is the number one cause of infirmity and dysfunction. Still, today, with advanced knowledge and technology, we can slow and even reverse biological ageing, and advances are being made all the time. We should begin our resistance to the consequences of ageing from about 25 on. At Regenerate, we offer the technology to improve one's cosmetic appearance and benefit the entire body using Red Light Therapy, PEMF Therapy and Hydrogen Inhalation. These modalities are complementary to each other.