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17 Aug 2020 –– Testimonials

We sat down with Linwood office space tenants, SPACETALK Watch UK, to find out more about their business.

What does your business do?

Our main business is the manufacture and sales of kids mobile phones which are worn as watches. Our office in Linwood looks after all aspects of distribution, Customer service and we even repair the watches here too.

What is your business called?


How did you hear about Business First?

I was researching lots of office suppliers online and found Business First

Why did you decide to operate from our offices?

Everything about the office is ideal. The facilities are great on-site, the office is in very nice condition and the shared reception is perfect for us

When did you first move in/how long have you been at Business First?

We moved into the office in Feb 2020 (one of the good things to happen this year)

How big is your office?

It's a 10 person office, approx 650 sq ft

What benefits do you get from operating from Business First?

The facilities are great, it is very easy to get to from the main traffic routes and the car parking is a great free benefit

Do you make use of the free facilities at Business First?

Yes constantly, and looking forward to bringing in more staff to make even more use of them

How has Business First helped you to run your business successfully?

The hassle-free approach to renting, and the simple renting structure means we can focus on what we do

What would you say the best thing Business First has done for your business is?

Jenny is a great help on a constant basis. Whether it's helping us with post or helping get something fixed, she is constantly on the job, and always with a huge smile – she's a great asset to Business First!!

Would you recommend Business First to other SMEs?

Absolutely, without hesitation.

What’s next for your business?

More sales in the UK & Europe, which will drive a need for more Customer support staff in Linwood. These are skilled jobs we are creating, and we pay above the national living wage

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