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Hybrid Offices: How They Can Benefit Your Business

28 Feb 2022 –– Tips & Advice
Northlight Offices

Having office premises can be seen as an anchor to your business. Even with the rise of hybrid working and employers now giving more flexibility to their employees, a small office can offer all the benefits of creating a ‘pandemic proof’ environment for your employees to work both in the office and from home.

What is hybrid working?

The work-from-home culture has skyrocketed since the start of Covid and isn’t looking to go away anytime soon. Businesses are now looking to incorporate the benefits of working from home and utilising office space. Hybrid working allows employees to let their staff rotate from home and in the office throughout the week.

What are the benefits of a hybrid office?

Downsizing your office space might be an option if you are looking to incorporate hybrid working, saving you money and giving you a chance to rethink how your office space can benefit your business. 

With Business First, our leases give you flexibility when choosing your office space with easy in and out contracts and only 1 months notice required; meaning you can upsize or downsize as required.

Perfect for start-ups and small businesses

It is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses as it allows you minimum costs, primarily if you are newly investing in an office space. Take advantage of our 3 months half price offer* to take the strain off settling in.

The covid pandemic encouraged more budding entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, and many are now looking for more room to work other than just from their homes. Having a small office space can structure your business more efficiently, hire staff if needed, store stock and grow your business.

Technology advancements allow for flexible working

With the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, hybrid working has never been easier. Employees can easily communicate with each other whether they are working from home or in the office.

Employee wellbeing

Many employees now want the flexibility of hybrid working. If a hybrid working environment suits your business and makes your employees feel happier and more productive, they are more likely to deliver. Offering it can also help you attract and retain quality candidates.

Here at Business First, our offices are ideal for hybrid working businesses as we offer the ability to downsize or upscale your space easily. Our flexible solutions are designed to accommodate all your office needs. View our impressive range of office suites at Business First.

* This offer applies to selected business premises only.