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Virtual office - the smart solution for your business

26 Jul 2018 –– News

Virtual office - the smart solution for your business

First impressions count. A virtual office can be a clever way to set your business apart from competitors. It could even prove crucial when it comes to winning new clients. Not to mention, retaining a loyal customer base.

You may personally may be ticking all the right boxes when it comes to first impressions. However, could other aspects of your business be turning potential customers off?

A virtual office is a great way to get your business going without incurring all the huge costs. It can even be beneficial for larger companies looking to save money.

Read on to find out what a virtual office is, how it works and why it could be the ideal solution for you and your business.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office provides your business with a professional address and many other services. For a fraction of the cost of renting a "real" office, you can enjoy many of the same services and benefits remotely (minus the overheads and commitment).

Virtual offices help small businesses and start-ups to professionalise their brand and enjoy various benefits for a nominal fee.

In fact, larger businesses can also benefit from a virtual office service to create an established presence in key locations.

1. Use our professional address to promote your business

Working from home may be saving you money in the short term, but providing a residential address to customers may prove a costly mistake in the long run. A dedicated business address can upgrade you to the next level in terms of professionalism. Indeed, it can give even the youngest of start-ups an established feel to the outside world.

Furthermore, a commercial address can protect both you and your business. Publishing your home address on your website or business listings could put you and your family at risk.

Many bigger companies can benefit from this aspect of a virtual office, too. Rather than investing in property and personnel at various desired locations worldwide to access new markets, they can simply set up a virtual office there and enjoy many of the same benefits. Customers often feel more comfortable using the services of company local to them. This way, larger corporations get the "best of both worlds" - the prestige of a national company which offers customers the reassurance of a regional address.

2. Save overheads by not renting office space

Whether you are working from home, a coffee shop or a co-working space, you can save a lot of money by not leasing out a big office. Virtual offices are a cost-effective solution for your business, with no costs for rent, furniture, office equipment or utilities.

When you rent a virtual office from Business First, the price you're quoted is the entire price you'll pay - no utilities, no business rates, no furniture costs, no equipment required.

3. Meeting rooms

Your spare room office may suit you, but is it really somewhere you can meet customers, investors or suppliers? Would you feel comfortable interviewing staff, hosting focus groups or conducting group training sessions there?

Many virtual office packages feature discounted rates to hire boardrooms, conference facilities and meeting rooms. Because after all, sometimes the spare room just won't do. If this is the kind of service you expect to require on a regular basis, it's worth enquiring about whether your virtual office provider can cater for your needs.

4. Zero commute

Cut carbon emissions, save petrol money, avoid traffic jams and maximise working time. A virtual office gives you many of the benefits of a professional working environment, without the stress of the daily commute that comes with a bricks-and-mortar office.

5. Flexible leases

Tying yourself into a lease can be a risk in the early days of your business. Instead, why not go virtual and experience lots of the benefits of professional office space, without locking into a long-term contract?

Virtual offices are a great business solution if you find yourself travelling a lot, working from home, or just not spending much time in the office. You are not locked into a lease when you choose this option. Virtual offices from Business First are easy in, easy out with flexible leases to suit your ever-changing business needs.

6. Postal service

Packages and post feature highly in the day-to-day running of a business, yet it can be difficult to keep track of deliveries when you're on the go.

At Business First, you can collect your mail and parcels from our modern reception area, where you will be given a personalised pigeon hole for you to pick up when it's convenient.

Delivery drivers will be greeted by a member of the Business First team in our spacious, modern reception areas.

Notification of deliveries will go through to your business. Safe and secure, 24-hour CCTV.

7. Telephone service

Communication is everything. Every business needs a phone and a phone number to communicate with its customers. Phone equipment can be expensive, though, and so can a professional phone system.

Business First virtual offices provide a cost-effective solution that can help you sound professional to clients, ensure you can be reached at any time (regardless of where you are) and requires no extra equipment.

When you choose our virtual office service we can offer you a 24/7/365 call answering service. This is a 100% pay as you go service, you only pay for the calls we take. Speak to your centre manager to find out more about our virtual office call answering service. Please note, this is an add-on service which is charged separately.

How can I rent a virtual office?

Business First offers virtual office solutions to businesses of all sizes at various UK locations. Each of our business centres operates a virtual office service and the cost is the same, whichever location you choose.

For just £30+VAT per month, you can use our professional business address and access a range of admin services to suit your business needs.

All of our business centres have boardroom and meeting facilities available to hire, with all the latest IT and presentation equipment plus complimentary tea and coffee for you and your guests. Virtual office customers can receive a discounted rate for meeting and training room hire, subject to availability.

Virtual office - get in touch today

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