Business First | What are hot desks and the benefits of using them?

Hot Desks: What Is Hot Desking and the Benefits of Using Them?

21 Apr 2022 –– Tips & Advice

We look at the advantages of using hot desks and why it could work for you.

What is the growing hot-desking trend among start-ups and small businesses, and why are they ideal for fast, remote working? 

What is hot desking?

Hot desks are implemented into office spaces and coworking areas as an ad hoc service that allows for a rotation-based workspace. They are popular among freelancers and start-up businesses as they can book in to use the space as and when they need it without any overhead costs of a permanent rental. Most hot desk spaces have accessible WiFi and plug sockets to offer the 'plugin and play' approach. 

What are the advantages of hot desks?


Hot desks are a cost-effective way to work if you need temporary space; it allows you to do so when and where you want. It gives you the benefits of a workspace and somewhere to meet clients without any overhead costs or commitment to a permanent office location that you may not fully utilise.

Stay connected

For self-employed workers, it allows you to stay connected as you can find hot desks all over the country, giving you the freedom to book a space and use it where and when you need to. It helps you stay productive wherever your work takes you.

Employ remote workers

Hot desking allows companies to employ remote workers wherever they are in the country, allowing you to expand your team where talent resides without the risk of relocation costs or any upfront investments.

Collaboration and engagement

Hot desks in coworking spaces encourage you to interact with other remote workers and can inspire collaborations, innovation and help you stay motivated. It is an invaluable way to forge relationships between freelancers, start-ups and entrepreneurs. It can provide opportunities you don't necessarily get when you're in one permanent location.

While there are numerous benefits to using hot desks, it doesn't work for everyone. Companies and teams that require consistent structure and daily routine benefit more from a more permanent office space. In contrast, freelancers and start-ups tend to opt for more flexible options such as hot desks and coworking spaces. If you’re looking for hot desk space or an office to rent near you, get an instant online price today.