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B1 Your Space Ltd trading as Business First - LICENCE AGREEMENT - Terms and Conditions

1. Interpretation

1.1. In this Agreement the following expressions shall have the following meanings :-

“Accommodation services (Estate charge) and Facilities” means the accommodation services and facilities that are included in the monthly

rental Fee, as detailed in the document “Accommodation services included in the monthly rental Fee” (Excluding those services and facilities

as specifically listed in the Licence Agreement). Estate charges are reviewed annually and prior written notification will be provided of any

estate charge increases.

“Pay as You Use Services and Facilities” means additional services and facilities that are not included in the monthly Fee, as detailed in the

Residents Information Guide together with any other services / facility not detailed. The charges for the provision of Pay as You Use services

and facilities will be as per the published price lists or as agreed in writing between B1 Your Space Ltd and the Occupant prior to the provision

of the service / facility.

2. Rights Granted and Services Supplied

2.1. In consideration of the payment by the Occupant of the Licence Fee specified in advance on the first day of each month B1 Your Space Ltd will

provide the Occupant with the following rights:

To use the toilets and other common facilities in the Premises to be provided by B1 Your Space Ltd in accordance with its obligations in this


To park motor vehicles in designated parking areas within the Premises on a fair use basis.

2.2. B1 Your Space Ltd will supply the Occupant the Accommodation services and facilities throughout the duration of this agreement and will

supply those Pay as You Use services and facilities that the Occupant may request throughout the duration of this Agreement from time to time

provided B1 Your Space Ltd may in the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of B1 Your Space Ltd on reasonable prior written

notice suspend, curtail or cancel or extend or add to the services and facilities or any of them and the services and facilities shall henceforth be

interpreted for all purposes of this Agreement as being the Site Services as so modified and the Occupant shall have no claim against B1 Your

Space Ltd in respect of any loss or inconvenience resulting from such action.

3. Duration and Termination of the Agreement

3.1. This Agreement shall commence on the Commencement Date and shall terminate on the Termination Date, pending notification of vacating the

premises one month prior to the termination date. Failure to provide notice may entitle B1 Your Space Ltd the right to enter the tenant into a rolling

monthly contract. Either party may, if applicable, serve on the other a written Notice to Break as specified, pending monetary penalties. Written

notice to be sent to the leaving email address email provided by the site.

3.2. B1 Your Space Ltd may terminate this Agreement at any time upon a breach of any part of this Agreement. If the Occupant, being a company,

enters into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntary (save for the purpose of reconstruction or amalgamation), or being an individual, has a

receiving order made against him or becomes bankrupt, B1 Your Space Ltd will have the right to terminate all of the Occupant’s rights under the

Agreement or such other rights as B1 Your Space Ltd designates with or without notice to the Occupant and in addition to and not in lieu of other

remedies available. Upon such action by B1 Your Space Ltd, the Occupant will remain liable and indemnify B1 Your Space Ltd for all obligations

that have previously accrued pursuant to this Agreement.

3.3. Should the Occupant require the use of the Area after the Termination Date it is at B1 Your Space Ltd’s discretion to permit any extension and it

may be subject to a surcharge on the Licence Fee.

4. Payment of the Licence Fee and Estate Charges

4.1. Licence Fee as specified separately plus value added tax at the prevailing rate or any replacement thereof (hereby known as “VAT”) is payable in

advance on the first day of each month. The Licence Fee shall include all costs payable for the Accommodation Services and Facilities only.

4.2. Charges for Pay as You Use Services plus VAT are invoiced in arrears and are payable within fourteen days of the date of invoice. The exception is

electricity which is payable in advance on the first day of each month based on an estimate detailed in the Agreement which is based on floor area

and not usage. B1 Your Space Ltd reserve the right to increase the charges on reasonable terms, prior written notice will be provided.

4.3. Deposit is payable prior to being given access to the Area and is specified in the Agreement as security against all obligations entered into by the

occupant in this Agreement including any damage to the Area and furnishing belonging to B1 Your Space Ltd therein. This Deposit will be returned

to the Occupant within 60 days of the Occupant vacating the Area subject to the deduction of any outstanding Licence Fee or charges for Pay

as You Use Services and Facilities or other fees outstanding and the cost of returning the Area to the condition it was in at the Moving In Date,

reasonable wear and tear accepted for long term tenants relating to worn carpet tiles and similar. B1 Your Space Ltd reserves the right to increase

the Deposit should the Occupant’s outstanding License Fee and Pay as You Use Services and Facilities charges exceed the Deposit amount held

or if the Occupant is repeatedly in arrears with the payment of invoices.

4.4. Penalties upon late payment: B1 Your Space Ltd reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and ask the Occupant to vacate the Area

immediately if the License Fee or the Pay as You Use Services and Facilities charges are not paid by the end of the day they are due. Any invoiced

amounts outstanding after their due date will be subject to interest at the rate of 4% above Bank of England’s base rate from time to time.

Alternatively, late payment fees may be added to accounts that are in arrears, the amount will be confirmed in writing.

4.5. Payment of disputed invoiced items: Should any part of an invoice issued by B1 Your Space Ltd be in dispute, the Occupant will be obliged to pay

by the aforementioned deadlines the amount of the invoice not in dispute without prejudice to paragraph 4.3. above. Any disputes that cannot

be settled between B1 Your Space Ltd and the Occupier shall be determined by an independent third party appointed by B1 Your Space Ltd

who shall have a professional qualification appropriate to the subject matter of the dispute so far as that is practicable. Any arbitration shall be

conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996.


5. The Occupier’s Right and Responsibilities.

5.1. The Occupant will be entitled to carry on his business in accordance with the Permitted Use.

5.2. During the term of this Agreement and subject to timely payment of the Licence Fee, the Occupant is entitled to use the address of the Premises

as its business address. Upon termination of the Agreement for whatever reason, it is the Occupant’s responsibility to notify all parties of the

change of address. Subsequent mail sent to the Premises will be returned to sender.

5.3. The Occupant may only conduct business from the Area in the name of the Occupant specified in the Licence agreement or such other business

name as may be agreed in writing with B1 Your Space Ltd.

5.4. Upon being given access to the Area, an inventory list will be drawn up by B1 Your Space Ltd in which the Occupant confirms receipt of keys or

entry fobs, the condition of the Area and the furniture and fittings therein at the Move In date.

5.5. The keys and entry fobs remain the property of B1 Your Space Ltd at all times and shall not be duplicated or transferred to third parties without the

express written permission of B1 Your Space Ltd .The loss of keys or entry fobs must be reported to B1 Your Space Ltd immediately. The cost of

replacement entry fobs as well as the cost of changing locks will be borne by the Occupant. Should the Occupant use the Area outside of normal

working hours it is responsible for securing the doors and activating the alarm system.

5.6. The Occupant may not alter the Area allocated to it in any way or install any furniture, equipment or telecommunications connections without the

prior written consent of B1 Your Space Ltd. The granting of this consent is entirely at the discretion of B1 Your Space Ltd.

5.7. The Occupant will conduct its business in a way, which does not interfere with B1 Your Space Ltd or other Occupants of the Premises, and the

Occupier will comply with all laws, permits, Licence laws, tax and any other requirement regulating the conduct of its business at the Premises.

5.8. The Occupant may not bring animals into the Premises or play loud music or use amplification equipment.

5.9. The Occupant cannot erect any signs on the Premises or windows without the prior written consent of B1 Your Space Ltd.

5.10. The Occupant may not use the Area for any activities or actions which could be detrimental to any other Occupant, or B1 Your Space Ltd or which

could lead to an increase in the insurance premium paid by B1 Your Space Ltd.

5.11. In the event of the Occupier wishing to discharge materials or make emissions to the public sewer and/or the atmosphere which could require a

permit or consent pursuant to or required by any statute, competent body or authority then the Occupant shall obtain the prior written consent of

B1 Your Space Ltd at all times and be responsible for the costs of all such permits and consents.

5.12. The Occupant may not itself or by connected company or person offer or procure the offer of employment or hire of the employees of B1 Your

Space Ltd. This applies to the entire duration of the agreement and a further twelve months following its termination. If the Occupant contravenes

this provision, B1 Your Space Ltd will be entitled to compensation in the sum of the total annual remuneration of the employee(s) in question

together with any consequential losses or damages.

5.13. The Occupant will remain solely responsible for the safety of its property and personnel and responsible for arranging contents and third party

liability insurance for its equipment and belongings and for its actions and actions of its employees. The Occupant shall defend, indemnify and

hold B1 Your Space Ltd harmless from any and all claims liability or loss arising out of any incident injury to or death of persons occurring on or

about the Premises or the provision by the Occupant of any facilities (including occupancy of the Area) or services in any part of the Premises.

5.14. B1 Your Space Ltd will specify emergency procedures and the Occupant will observe and comply with all such emergency procedures (including

practices, drills and nomination of fire and toxic gas wardens) notified to it in writing and will provide and train sufficient staff to implement those

procedures in the Area.

5.15. The Occupant will use the Area for the Permitted Use only and for no other purpose. The Occupant shall not carry out any service open to the

general public without the prior written consent of B1 Your Space Ltd and will not use the Area to provide other services provided by B1 Your

Space Ltd to other occupants of the Premises or existing customers of B1 Your Space Ltd and will not in any way whatsoever combine or infer the

B1 Your Space Ltd name, in whole or in part, for the purpose of trading activities.

5.16. The Occupant shall vacate the Area on the Termination Date leaving the Area in the same condition as agreed in any inventory list. All costs for

repair of damage and to re-instate the room to its original state will be borne by the Occupant. B1 Your Space Ltd shall not accept responsibility for

any belongings of the Occupant in the Area and has the right to dispose of such property after the Termination Date.

5.17. Joint and Several Liability - Should the Occupant be more than one person, all parties to the Agreement are liable jointly and severally from

obligations arising from the Agreement.

5.18. Clause, schedule and paragraph headings and tables of contents provided herein are for assistance only and shall not affect the interpretation of

this agreement.

5.19. The occupant is liable for the business rates for the office/offices documented in the license agreement.

5.20. The occupant is liable for all highway drainage and surface water charges for the associated office.

5.21. Call out charges for security will be recharged to the tenant if the correct alarm procedure and security measures are not followed.


6. B1 Your Space Ltd’s Rights and Responsibilities

6.1. B1 Your Space Ltd has the right at all times to enter the Occupant’s Area to inspect, undertake repairs and maintenance work and to show the Area

to prospective Occupants.

6.2. B1 Your Space Ltd will not be liable for any loss sustained as the result of B1 Your Space Ltd failing to provide any of the Services and Facilities

as set out in this Agreement as a result of any mechanical breakdown or delay or failure of any third party to perform their duties or obligations

pursuant to contract or otherwise.

6.3. If the Occupant cannot be given access to the Area temporarily B1 Your Space Ltd’s liability will be limited to forfeiting the Licence Fee chargeable

for that period of time only.

6.4. If B1 Your Space Ltd is unable to deliver possession of any part of the Area to be provided at the Commencement Date B1 Your Space Ltd will

not be liable for any resulting damage nor will it have any liability except that the Occupant will not have to pay the Licence Fee for the period

concerned and may withdraw from the Agreement.

7. Other Provisions

7.1. This Agreement represents a contractual agreement between the Occupant and B1 Your Space Ltd for provision of services by B1 Your Space Ltd

to the Occupant.

7.2. The Occupant shall not be entitled to assign, sublet, share, hold on trust or otherwise part with its rights under this Agreement without the express

written permission of B1 Your Space Ltd.

7.3. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision herein will not affect or impair the validity of any other provision. No waiver or any defaults of the

Occupant will be implied from any failure of B1 Your Space Ltd to take such action with respect to such defaults.

7.4. This Agreement supersedes any prior Agreement and embodies all the contractual obligations and stipulations between the Occupant and B1

Your Space Ltd relative to its subject matter.

7.5. The construction, validity and performance of this Agreement is subject to English law and the English courts shall have jurisdiction over any

dispute or difference arising.